Patriots vs Titans

Patriots vs Titans: The New England Patriots will be heading to Music City on Sunday to face their old friends, Mike Vrabel and the Tennessee Titans, in the tenth week of the NFL season.

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The New England Patriots are definitely coming. The champions defending the AFC champions have now won six consecutive games, all in a very different way. The offense lasted for a while, with at least 38 straight for four consecutive weeks, but recently the defensive team led the New England team to victory. He played against Buffalo Bills in a football game on Monday night and then allowed Aaron Rogers to score 17 points in the Green Bay Packers game last week. In addition to their offense, the Patriots can beat almost everyone. They proved the only loss to the Kansas City Chiefs this season. But when the defense sizzles? They became the favorites of the Super Bowl.

Patriots vs Titans Football Game

And now on the road, it’s the Tennessee Titans, who beat them in the playoffs last season. However, this is a very different Titan team. Mike Mularkey, the most conservative coach of the National Football League, has been replaced by the more aggressive offensives devised by former patriots Mike Vrabel and Matt LaFleur. Last year, the Patriots walked effortlessly on the Titans. This year’s team will provide more battles.

The match between the Patriots and the Titans will start on CBS at 1 pm EST. Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts and Evan Washburn’s radio crew will answer the call. The home team will broadcast the radio on Sirius Channel 111 (New England), 94 (Tennessee) and XM Channel 387 (New England) radio stations. 232 (Tennessee). Since this game will not be broadcast nationwide, fans of the market will continue to play with NFL Sunday tickets.

Despite the presence of Tom Brady, the key to this game will be the match. The Titans on Monday swallowed Ezekiel Elliott in a game against the Dallas Cowboys, which currently has few top players. Jeremy Hill tore his anterior cruciate ligament during the first week. A week later, Rex Berkhead was placed in an injured reserve. Although he was removed from the club (we could not expect him to contribute immediately), Sony Michel had missed the knee of the last two games and he was injured. It is. The Patriots must be very creative in coordinating their current games.

So they turned wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson into the top of the race. This is the story of recent weeks: if the Titans can not have Patterson as the Packers a week ago, it does not matter what they can do with the offensive. They will not be able to win the game. If Patterson will become the NFL running back, the growth of the Titans seems to be a good starting point.

Friday, the Patriots announced that they released the half-helper just two days after the signing of the course. In turn, the New England team replaced Ferguson with receiver Damoun Patterson.

Ferguson played for the Patriots early in the week before entering the training force, but it seems that back extension does not seem so easy. Ferguson first retired from Illinois in 2016 and signed with the Indianapolis Colts, where he will spend the first two years of his career. With Indy’s help, Ferguson has played 26 games and has already spent 25 yards on 16 assists. He also trailed 152 yards on 23 of his 30 goals. He also showed his abilities as a rebounder as he scored 9 career goals in the NFL, earning him 166 yards, averaging 18.4 yards per lap. Ferguson’s recent stop at the National Football League before landing with the Patriots was a training camp for Houston, Texas.

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